From the Heart

From the Heart

This choreographic work challenges notions of normal and abnormal, drawing inspiration from Anusha Subramanyam’s therapeutic and creative movement work with people with physical and mental challenges. It is an exploration of the dance that they created, using movement that is raw and sincere – straight from the heart.

Anusha also worked at the renal ward of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where she used dance to engage with the children and their families, empower the children’s own movement to help them regain an identity beyond that of sick patients.

The work uses the emotive and gestural grammar of Bharatanatyam, combining it with movement that is both contemporary and classical.

Music : Michael Ormiston, Candida, Alice Shields and TM Krishnan

Music arranged : Vipul Sangoi and Anusha Subramanyam

Lights and costume : Vipul Sangoi